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This course and workshop primarily emphasizes reservoir engineering, waterflood performance analysis, reservoir management, and the factors that influence reservoir behavior and recovery (little emphasis is placed on down hole completion, surface facilities, material and equipment, processing/treating, or production operations)

Approximately 50% of the course time will be committed to presentation and classroom discussion of principles, recommended practices, and typical waterflood behavior, including some example problems.

The remaining 50%, which will be distributed over the length of the course, will consist of opportunities for student teams to conduct pattern reviews and evaluate their own project and pattern data. The facilitator will provide guidance and mentoring during this sessions to help student apply the concepts taught in the classroom immediately to their own reservoir data. Student will be expected to bring in (or access by computer) their own data to discuss situations, challenges, problems, etc. as part of the pattern review portion of the course.(ev)

Learning Objectives

  • Describe characteristics of good reservoir management, and apply recommended practices to your waterflood
  • Explain how a waterflood works and describe typical waterflood reservoir behavior
  • Use basic reservoir engineering to estimate waterflood recovery and predict production and injection performance.
  • Describe reservoir factors that affect recovery efficiency and identify those factors of concern for your waterflood.
  • Describe methods that can be used to improve reservoir recovery efficiency
  • Describe the critical conditions that influence the reservoir management of your waterflood and evaluate its design and performance.

Course Content

This course will provide the basic skills and knowledge for a reservoir engineer and other to manage a waterflood project. It introduces a systematic approach to waterflood reservoir management, and emphasized skill needed for effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of reservoir performance.

  • Waterflood best practices
  • Waterflood principles and behavior
  • Waterflood performance
  • Recovery efficiency
  • Reservoir Heterogeneity
  • Voidage and injection performance
  • Estimating waterflood reserves
  • Methods to improve recovery efficiency
  • – Enhanced oil recovery methods
  • – Strategic wellbore placement
  • – Production and injection control methods


Ir. R. Bagdja Hardjakaprabon, MSc.

He has more than 30 years experienced in Oil and Gas Industry, mostly in Reservoir/ Petroleum Engineering, including Reservoir Simulation group at Amoseas Dallas, Texas-USA (1986-1988). He graduated from Petroleum Engineering ITB and also was a lecturer at Petroleum Engineering department of Moslem Riau University, Indonesia (1985-2004) and also instructor of professional training in reservoir management, simulation studies and enhanced oil recovery at Pertamina, Indonesia (2005 & 2013) and also project management while he worked at Chevron Pacific Indonesia. He has handled many of projects in reservoir engineering, simulation reservoir, methods of improving well productivity, enhanced oil recovery, water flood, steam flood, and project management. He wrote technical paper and published notebooks for training.


Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation, Pre-Test & Post-Test

Who Should Attend

The course and workshop is designed for petroleum industry professional staff such as petroleum engineers, reservoir and production engineers, geologists, geophysicists, facilities engineers, other disciplines, technicians, and operations managers if familiar with basic subsurface, reservoir, and fluid concepts of terminology.


Certificate, Training Kit, Module / Handout, Softcopy (USB flashdisk) Lunch, Coffee Break, Souvenir


Biaya kursus: Rp.8.000.000,- per peserta (Non Residential)

Rp.7.500.000,- per peserta (Pendaftaran 3 peserta dari 1 perusahaan)

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