Pelatihan POD,AFE, And WP & B



Plan of Development (POD) is the key point in the Oil and Gas business of Indonesia Upstream Oil and Gas project. POD is a guideline for “The Contractor “(KKKS) to operate their project. There is a planning program that describe of project activities during the contract. KKKS also should construct the detail of program activities and budgeting (WP&B)), and financial authorization (AFE). In the Indonesia PSC Term, WP & B, AFE and POD is the integrated aspect that every “Contractor” should propose to BP. Therefore, between BP Migas and the Contractor should have the same perception all about aspect of POD, AFE and WP&B especially about the basic principle, mechanism and procedure, system and operational guidance.(dnh)

Course Outline

  1. Upstream Oil and Gas Activity [Exploration Licensing, Exploration, Drilling Development, Production and Transportation, Marketing and Selling]
  2. Regulations of Indonesia Upstream Oil and Gas and Other Policy related to field development program
  3. The PSC Terms and Conditions
  4. Introduction to Oil and Gas Field Development Program & some basic consideration to propose the Field Development Program
  5. Basic Principle and General Procedure and Mechanism of POD, AFE and WP&B
  6. Petroleum Accounting Principle: Successful Efforts, Full Costing and Reserve Recognition Accounting; Type of Cost: Capital Vs Non Capital; Exploration Budget; Drilling & Development Budget; Production & Facilities Budget; General Administration and Support Activities Budget; Financial Summary
  7. Budget Scheduling Program (BS 1-17)
  8. Financial Expenditure: Basic principle; Preparation; AFE Seismic and G&G; AFE Development and Drilling Wells; AFE Production Facilities and Support (BS 18-26)
  9. AFE Process, Reporting and Close Out
  10. Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves
  11. Project Economics, Evaluation and Risk Analysis

Who Should Attend

  • Geophysicist, Geologist & Drilling Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Project Engineering and Economic Team
  • Development Planning Team
  • Accountant & Financial Analyst
  • Field Manager / Superintendent / Supervisor
  • Operations & Facilities Engineer

Course Method

Presentation, Discussion, Simulation, and Evaluation.




  • Module / Handout
  • softcopy Materi
  • Sertifikat
  • Bag or bagpackers
  • Training Kit
  • 2xCoffe Break & 1 Lunch
  • Souvenir
  • Airport Pickup Service

Time and Venue

Reguler Training

Tanggal                            :15-17 Januari 2013

                               05-07 februari 2013

                               19-21 Maret 2013

                               09-11 April 2013

                               14-16 Mei 2013

                               11-13 Juni 2013

                               16-18 Juli 2013

Pukul                      : 08.00 – 16.00 WIB

Tempat                   : Yogyakarta/Bali/Jakarta

In House Training

Depend on request

Course Fee

Yogya    7.500.000/peserta

Bali        12.000.000/peserta

Jakarta  8.000.000/peserta

Minimum 3 orang peserta


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